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Listed below are the links and summarizations of articles I've written and published, primarily, for Diesel RV Club's newsletter, “Travelore.”


  • America’s Most Visited National Parks - Visiting our National Parks is a favorite activity of RVers. This review of the most visited parks in the National Parks provides an excellent overview of some of America’s treasured locales.
  • Axles, Engines, EPA, and the Motorhome Chassis - Do you remember when a 40-foot motorhome with 300 HP diesel engine on a single rear axle chassis seemed to move down the road with ease? In recent years all manufacturers have bumped engine sizes and gone to tag axles with a resulting loss of storage space on the same 40 feet of length. What happened? In this brief article an attempt will be made to answer that question while putting things in perspective. A tag axle makes for a smoother ride with greater inline stability, adding a tag to a 40-foot chassis means taking out storage bays in addition to the need to maintain eight tires instead of six. This increased total cost of ownership is a concern for the some buyers.
  • Cummins Endorses Power Service Products - In a surprising move for many in the diesel industry, Cummins endorsed certain additives developed for diesel engines. Specifically, two products have been recommended, Diesel Kleen and Diesel Fuel Supplement. According to official sources from Cummins, significant internal testing concluded that both products meet the engine manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Refurbishing our House-on-Wheels When my wife and I started seeing advertising for Blue Ox’s TruCenter steering stabilizer, we decided it was time to look into the product more seriously. We did it by having it installed on our Newmar Dutch Star's Freightliner chassis before making a trip to Wyoming from Florida. Read my review of the product. For sure, it does help with crosswind situations as well as road crowning. We have yet to test it's performance during a blowout Is it as good as Newmar’s Comfort Drive? No. Read about the difference in another article, Comfort Drive Explained.
  • Replacing the LP with an Induction Cooktop - In June of 2014 my wife purchased an induction cooktop just to see if she's really like it. Guess what, a year later I removed the propane (aka LP) cooktop and installed the True Induction two-burner version that runs on 110/120 volt AC. Since the footprint was nearly identical, the real challenge was making it look as "original" as possible. Once we got into induction cooking, there was no turning back. The advantages are many not the least of which is less heat in the coach and no smell of propane.
  • Why Choose a Diesel-Powered Motorhome - Having owned and talked with a number of motorhome owners of gas and diesel units, I put together some thoughts on the subject. It’s when the price for a used unit is under consideration that choosing gas or diesel becomes a better option for some buyers allowing other points of logic to enter the situation. For instance, prospective owners of used units notice the difference in quality of construction between diesel and gas.The durability of diesel is legendary. Since diesel engines typically last up to three times longer than gasoline engines, they are in high demand well past the typical operating life of a gasoline engine making diesel a safe decision.What about you? What are your reasons? What is it that drives you to your choice?