Graphics from DRVC Rallies

After becoming the Vice President of Publications for the Diesel RV Club (an FMCA chapter), I started designing theme graphics for their rallies. In addition to the rally artwork I also designed the club's logo. On this page you'll find the images used on promoting the rallies and the club. The illustrations go from the newest to the oldest while scrolling down the page.

This is an example of what a complete set of thematic graphics. The elements (shown above) include:
Main Poster (primarily used in promoting the rally as well as the possibility of using it on a T-shirt)
Registration Graphic (to be used on the registration form or in other ways)
Thematic Banner (used where space is limited while still promoting the event)
Rally Fees Graphic (used as a location graphic on the registration form)

Rocky Mountain Rally Composite

Flamingos and Beaches Vertical

Amish Country Connection

Mesas and Mountains bck

Lake and Lighthouse

Rally in the Pines


Rally at the Spa

Branson Bound Square Color

RallyOnThePacific Graphic


DRVC Logo Horizontal