Recent Computer Clients

Add-More RV Park - Located in Clarksville, Indiana, the campground serves a diverse group of patrons from long-term workers in the area to travelers passing by on Interstate 65. The campground of 116 sites had traditionally use a variety of manual methods for managing reservations and invoicing. Needless to say, the systems was prone "human error" because there was so much involved. Byron saw the need for an automated approached and developed an easy-to-use system with FileMaker, the cross-platform, relational database environment. The hosts of the RV park truly appreciated the accuracy and reporting detail implemented. Now they work with confidence knowing that the new level of efficiency also brought accuracy to the work process.

Lee Almanac Company
- With an office in Southern Indiana, Lee Almanac Company was the publisher of a promotional almanac called Your Name Almanac. Clients had the almanac customized for their promotional purposes by selecting an appropriate name and submitting custom artwork. As the compositor, writer, and editor, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign was used in annually for several years in building the 40-page booklet. Sadly, after nearly sixty years of generational ownership, the family decided that it was time to close the company in 2020.

Kentucky Country Day School - Located in the eastern portion of Louisville, Kentucky, KCD implemented two FileMaker solutions custom developed for the leadership. One was a repair tracking system for a computer specialist who oversaw repairs and maintenance of the students' laptop computers. As a result, repair history was tracked as well as information related to the student with current possession of the computer. Another system developed was for the philanthropy class, a basic donation tracking application that surpassed anything that can be done with a spreadsheet application.

City of Meadow Vale - Located in the eastern portion of Jefferson County, Kentucky, City of Meadow Vale was in need of updating a public website that had grown old in addition to being grossly outdated. Using his talents and volunteering his time, Byron provided the City with an updated look as well as a fully functional site for viewing on the screens of desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. In addition, email accounts using the official domain structure were also implemented in accordance to governmental guidelines. Many of the graphics used are developed by Mr. Songer in order to keep them specific to the needs of the City.

John Dickinson Writings Project - John Dickinson, known today as “the Penman of the Revolution,” published more for the American cause than any other figure. With his extensive knowledge of law and politics and eloquent expressions of patriotism, he was one of the foremost leaders of the era and America’s first political hero. The goal of the Dickinson Project, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is to assemble the entire corpus of Dickinson’s political works into four printed volumes, a college-level course reader, and a Web-based digital version, freely accessible to both scholars and non-academics. Critical to the success of the Project is the tracking of data in a variety of forms. Songer Consulting was contacted to build a customized data management application in FileMaker Pro so the staff at the University of Kentucky in Lexington and throughout the USA could manage the tasks more easily.

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont - Situated in the Great Smoky Mountains near Townsend, Tennessee, GSMIT, as it is commonly called, has been connecting people and nature since 1969. GSMIT is a residential environmental education center located just outside Cade’s Cove. The institute helps teachers, students, parents, vacationers and photographers learn about stewardship and the cultural and natural history of the Smokies through their in-depth education programs including weekend hikes, Elderhostel programs, family camping programs, and 3- and 5-day school group programs. When it came time to expand on their use of computer technology they called on Songer Consulting. GSMIT moved to Mac OS X Server from another server environment and began the use of a complete data management system also running from the server on top of FileMaker Server 9. The customized solution handles the program registration process for individuals and groups while providing donor management capabilities on a par with systems costing much more.

GMC Great Lakers - As a motorhome club the Great Lakers wanted to take better advantage of communicating with members through a web site. To that end the club secured a domain and utilized volunteers to get the first site up and running. All of that worked for a while. After a few years the members and officers looked around and noticed the antiquated and oddly structured site needed a massive facelift without members loosing access to a secure area. Songer Consulting handled all the details which included designing a variety of graphics.

Manny’s Transmission - This California-based company specialized in rebuilding the THM-425 that was originally installed in the Oldsmobile Toronado and the GMC MotorHome as well as other front-wheel-drive vehicles of the 1970’s. Manny’s Transmission also sold other components to the classic vehicle market. For creating and managing a web-based presence on the Internet, Manny Travao (owner) turned to Songer Consulting. From the development of a logo to complete website management, Travao counted on Songer Consulting to do the job and do it well.

HTCC, Inc. - Located in Elizabethtown, HTCC is the parent corporation for several businesses begun by a retired Army recruiter. HTCC depends on their Macintosh computers and a private, wireless network handle the affairs of doing business which includes handling payroll and other bookkeeping procedures. Today, still depends on Songer Consulting for their Macintosh support needs since the sign, truck top, and tire shop considers they use of their computers as being “mission-critical”.

Aquatic Access - Aquatic Access manufactures a lift device that meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Aquatic Access is the home of the original IGAT line of pool lifts. Aquatic Access is another one of those businesses that depends on a balanced mix of computers running either Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. At the heart of their environment is and Intel-based Mac OS X Server providing file services to the administrators who depend on Managing Your Own Business and the engineers that use AutoCAD on a daily basis. By the way, Aquatic Access has frequently provided lift equipment for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Articulations Graphic Design - Specializing with work with non-profit organizations, the customer base of Articulations includes the St. James Court Art Show and the Kentucky Baptist Convention. This firm specializes producing work for print and promotion and depends on the Macintosh platform using Quark and Adobe applications for mission-critical work.