Services and Fees

Onsite Tutoring, Basic Computer Configuration
$90 per hour

This service is especially helpful for those who want to become more efficient in the use of their computers in a home or small office situation. Assistance and guidance can be provided covering a broad range of basic productivity and creativity software applications. And, if you need assistance is migrating from one system to another or in setting up a totally new computing environment, we can assist you with this opportunity as well. When it comes to general one-on-one assistance, this is the fee you’ll be charged. And, if you need assistance in deploying thirty or more Macintosh systems, this is the fee for you. This fee is subject to the Covenant Client discount.
Technical Assistance, Database Development, Network Operations, General Consulting
starting at $105 per hour

This is the standard fee for installation, setup and troubleshooting of servers and network devices as well as computers used in your business. This fee also covers technical troubleshooting or advising to correct issues that can develop through day-to-day use of a personal computer. If you need an information tracking system developed for your organization, large or small, this fee will cover the time it takes to develop, test and implement a customized, FileMaker Pro solution – Mac or Windows. And, we can provide guidance in office automation practices for your school or small business as well as address cross-platform (Mac and Windows) integration issues. This fee is subject to the Covenant Client discount.
Email and/or Telephone Support
$75 per hour

Frequently support or technical assistance can be handle by way of email or phone call. This fee, though based on an hourly rate, is billed in quarter-hour increments making this a very reasonable option. Emails are based on a total word count per response. Billing starts at 300 words and is billed incrementally in 15-minute time periods.
Professional Development
$650 per day (six hours of instruction, schools only)

Need help in meeting today’s challenges of effectively using technology in the classroom? We can help by delivering professional development instruction that meets your objectives. All training is done onsite. As the world of digital literacy constantly changes, keeping your teachers and administrative staff up-to-date is critically important. Songer Consulting is experienced in conducting classes for new users as well as those experienced educators in need of additional or updated training.
Other Info

Speaking Engagements - Gladly accepted.

*Covenant Clients - Good customers are valued as are good workers and close friends. Customers that repetitively rely on us for training, consulting or development services are entitled to a discount. This discount is 15% off the standard $105 and $140 per hour fees. Covenant Clients are those organizations or businesses that utilize our services for more than 80 hours in a 12-month period.