GMC Illustrations

Passion Royale (custom design)

It's a Wrap.jpg

It’s a Wrap (custom design)

Flow Gently.jpg

Flow Gently (custom design)

St Louis Blues.png

St. Louis Blues (custom design)

Summer Time.png

Summer Time (custom design)

30th Anny.jpg

30th Anniversary (custom design)

Claret Phantom.jpg

Claret Phantom (custom design)

Casa del Sol.jpg

Casa Del Sol (custom design)

Novette 78.jpg

Nouvette 78 (custom design)

Eagle Wings.png

Eagle Wings (custom design)


Folkmann’s Fine Wine (client specified)

Jay Fox Drv Side.png

Fox GMC and Trailer (client specified)

Erd GMC Pass.jpg

Erd’s Design (client specified)

Dietz 23.png

The Dietz Roadster (client specified)

Eagle Aerie TZE.png

Eagle Aerie (Firebird-like)

Sharpe Paint rev.png

Sharpe’s GMC

Hoosier Arrow.jpg

Hoosier Arrow

Coop Nueva Royale.jpg

Nueva Royale (Coop design)

GMC DuQuoin Rear.png

DuQuoin Rear (Show Vehicle)

Heritage GMC.png

Heritage GMC (Show Vehicle)

Paul Deesen Design.png

Baroque (Paul Deesen)