GMC Illustrations
The vector-based drawings shown in this gallery were all created using Adobe Illustrator. The purpose of this gallery is two-fold: One is to show the variety of paint and color schemes that may be tastefully used on GMC motorhomes. The other is to provide an overview of the type of illustrations that can be done on special order. There are two types of images. One is a side view done in proper proportion. The other is what I call “photorealistic,” done with a vanishing perspective. All of the illustrations displayed here (and similar images published in a variety of places on the web) are the copyright of Byron Songer. Simply click on an image to begin a slide show.
It's a Wrap

The gradient of the design element makes this suitable for a wrap instead of traditional paint finishing

Bristol 2016

Bristol 2016: A tribute to NASCAR race fans

Hoosier Arrow

A monochromatic color scheme and a forward leaning design

Claret Phantom

Claret Phantom: A nod to the livery of the British royals - “livery” implies official coloring

Larry Erd's Custom Design

Erd’s Custom: A design befitting of the radically designed interior

French Quarter

French Quarter: Named for the famous tourist area in New Orleans

Flow Gently

Flow Gently: This answers the question of how to handle the space under the cockpit windows as it continues to the rest of the coach

Doane's Stretch by Sirum

Doane’s Stretch: GMCers in Canada chose this design for their Sirum-stretched coach

30th Anniversary Design

30th Anniversary: A modern adaptation of the “racoon mask effect” for the anniversary of the GMC

St Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues: An original and basic design featuring the gently dipping color change

Casa del Sol

Casa del Sol: What to do with that blank space - put in a graphic

Eagle Wings

Eagle Wings: A take off on a design by Special Interest Vehicles

Summer Dream

Summer Dream: A simple design with a flair and painted side vent

Dietz Roadster 23

Dietz Roadster: A costomer conceived design and a nod to Toyota Racing

Passion Royale

Passion Royale: show a basic monochromatic color design

Folkmann' Fine Wine

Frank Folkmann liked this look I call Fine Wine and Good Times

Erspamer Coach & Trailer

The side kitchen Royale and a motorcycle trailer designed as a pair

Jay Fox's Coach and Trailer

Jay Fox’s Coach and Trailer: Sometimes is just take two

Silver Lady

Silver Lady: Simple and straight forward - this was my GMC Royale

Brown's Buckeye

Buckey: BIll Brown’s GMC is considered the ultimate tailgater

Heritage GMC

Heritage: The motorhome refurbished by Cinnabar for GM Heritage Collection

Coop Nueva Royale

Nueva Royale: Jim Bounds messes with ground effects (and money)

Novette 78

Novette 78: A gentle twist on a basic theme.

John Sharpe

A photorealistic illustration of John Sharpe’s beautifully painted coach with design by SIV

Eagle Aerie TZE

Eagle Aerie TZE: Similar to the GMC used by Pontiac in 1977 on the TransAm promotional tour

GMC DuQuoin Front

DuQuoin: In this design was on a GMC that made a tour of state fairs

GMC DuQuoin Rear

DuQuoin: The rear of this GM design reveals the upswept white on the back of the coach