Examples of Graphic Illustrations

This page displays some of the images, along with brief descriptions, of work done as a long-time user of Adobe Illustrator. You're also invited to look at the
GMCMI Graphics page for images developed for use on T-shirts at events and gatherings. Byron is qualified to consult on type and design of all promotional material for clients including brochures, pocket folders, flyers, newspaper or web-based ads, and much more. Contact me to have some custom work done for your company or organization.

The Fruited Bowl

“Above the Fruited Bowl” was done in celebration of a summer holiday, Independence Day. This is another graphic created out of necessity (who happens to be the mother of invention). The stone crockery bowl, trimmed with red and blue, provides the base for this photorealistic work of art. Since each element is a separate object (vector graphic), they can be rearranged or removed so that other objects can fill the bowl, such as colorful ornaments for Christmas.

My American Gothic

I was asked to do a parody of Grant Wood's American Gothic. I did the illustration, as requested, and also decided to do a rendering of the original painting which hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. Before doing so I checked around the Internet for other illustrations of this famous painting and found none. Oh, I found lots of photos of parodies but no straight interpretation of the painting as a graphic illustration. This is not the parody. This is my version of the “real thing”. You can read more about American Gothic and the art of Grant Wood by clicking here. One thing I learned about the painting is that it isn’t of a farmer and his wife. The woman is his grown daughter. Models for the painting were Wood's sister, Nan, and his dentist. The house still exists in Iowa complete with the gothic window.


An organization desired a thematic graphic for a meeting they were hosting in Rapid City, South Dakota. This graphic was submitted for use in promoting the convention. By deleting their convention theme, the graphic stands well on it's own for use in applications where a patriotic image would be appreciated.


This image was created to serve as an icon on a website regarding a compilation of recipes by the organization. To carry the theme through, the image (in a larger size) was used throughout the book marking the various sections. It is reminiscent of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook that many of us grew up seeing in the kitchens of our home.


A client needed an announcement for an open house at their place of business. Since "necessity is the mother of invention" this image was created. The "Come On In" lettering was where the client's name was placed. It conveys the feeling of an invitation to a fun afternoon using the lettering based on the Walt Disney font. The “secret” of getting the website’s background to show through lies in the use of the PNG file format that supports transparency.

53 Corvette White

As a newsletter editor and webmaster I’ve created several illustrations to enhance those publications or websites. A club scheduled a rally for Bowling Green, Kentucky, home of the GM Corvette plant as well as the National Corvette Museum. It only seemed appropriate to do a rendering of the first model, the 1953, that still has a much appeal today as it did then.

57 Thunderbird Side

Shortly after completing the Corvette (shown above) a friend in the Thunderbird after-market business asked if I could do an illustration of the classic ’57 Thunderbird. This image is proof of another faithful rendering of "an American Classic". The task also involved creating the Thunderbird logoscript as well as the emblem, itself, that was used by Ford in a variety of ways. The original script font modified slightly and used on the 2002 T-bird when Ford released the retro look of the original 1955.

Woman Walking Dog

A simple, graphic reminder on pedestrian safety — when no sidewalk is present, walk against traffic.

FCHS Alumni

No project is too small or too insignificant! Here's the proof. This graph was designed for the 45th reunion of a high school class in Illinois. The block letter of the school as well as the mascot was incorporated into a scalable graphic that was used on invitations, programs and a variety of other print media.


The illustration above was done for a motorhome rally. It was developed to complement the theme … motor camping in the first quarter of the 20th century.


No job too odd! A rehabilitation therapist had been using low-quality, black-and-white images of hand and finger exercises to give to patients. Finally, after growing tired of the dull, unprofessional look the therapist requested color, high-quality images for use in a digital format to give the practice the professional look it deserved. By utilizing my ability the therapist received scalable artwork that was cost-effectively generated for a specific need.

Springtime Event

Ah, the fresh look or spring. This graphic, featuring a branch with azalea blooms of pink, was done as the primary element for (what else?) a springtime event. Individual blooms were used to elements on the program as well in other promotional media.


This mockup of a promotional advertisement for the “Avante SC” by a motorhome manufacturer yet to release final production plans. Though the name of the company is fictitious, the design is not.

B Songer Swan