Examples of Art of a Christian Orientation

This page displays some of the art created for a variety of religious aspects using Adobe Illustrator. You are free to peruse the art and utilize any you choose so long as there is no unauthorized method of distribution either in digital or print format. To obtain permission or to answer other questions and or concerns, just contact me.

A presentation on pipe organ façades and church windows

The presentation may be downloaded or viewed on your computer. It will reveal a PDF file that can be viewed at a variety of sizes. More detail can be seen in this PDF that may be viewed using standard graphic formats on the web. Follow this link to open a new window and view or download the presentation to your own computing device.

A series of illustrations for Lent and Easter

2016 Lent Facebook

2018 Maundy Thursday Facebook copy

2016 Good Friday Facebook

2016 Saturday Facebook copy

2016 Easter Facebook

Advent and Christmas images

Advent Wreath 2021-5

Advent Banners

Bow Cross Gift Wrap

Other appropriate illustrations

Funeral Flowers


Thy Word