Diesels Motorhomes
These are vector-based illustrations of motorhomes or old busses. Some were done for use in publications of the Diesel RV Club while others were done for friends. All were created using Adobe Illustrator. Additional images will be added over time.
Flxible Visicoach

Flxible coaches and funeral cars were built in Loudonville, Ohio. The company was started as a motorcycle sidecar builder. There is a loyal group of Flxible owners still active today.

GMC PD-4106 CanAm

The venerable GM PD 4106 was built by the bus and truck division in the 1960s. It is still around today providing a solid platform for a bus conversion.

Country Coach Intrigue

Country Coach first provided interiors for Flxible busses before building their own units. Based in Oregon, the company was known for high quality in workmanship.

Airstream Land Yacht

For a limited time, Airstream built large motorhomes on Freightliner chassis along side the famous trailers in their Jacksonville, Ohio plant. They also produced some units on parcel van chassis.

Safari Serengeti

Safari, another one of the builders in Oregon, made a variety of products. Most of the DPs had a lion or tiger scene painted on the rear, each was a unique work of art.

Freightliner Class C

A Class C is a motorhome body on a standard truck chassis and cab that's open to the living section. Builders today use a variety of chassis Ford, Chevy, and Freightliner chassis.

Dutch Star by Newmar

Newmar has withstood economic slumps and is one of the few private companies enjoying success in today’s economy. The company first built fifth-wheel trailers and Class A units but dropped the trailers. The 5ers were known for their high-end quality and solid platform.

Alpine Coach - Western RV

Western RV was one of the quality builders of diesel motorhomes that didn't make it past the downturn of 2008. They, too, were based in Oregon.

Coachmen Cross Country

Coachmen builds a variety of RVs. In the motorhome domain they're known for their stylish designs.

Winnebago Forza

Winnebago, staying true to one of it's design elements, uses the "V" shape in the Forza model. Winnebago, of course, has the most recognizable name in the business and recently bought the plan and intellectual property of Country Coach.

Newell Motorhome

Newell is the oldest builder of purpose-made diesel pushers. They were building bus-like units when others were only doing conversions. Each Newell is built to order.