Vintage Motorhomes

After purchasing a motorhome in 2007, I started doing illustrations of them using Adobe Illustrator. Dozens of illustrations and years later I started doing vintage (classic) units. Most of these were done for a rally of vintage owners. The 1929 Studebaker is an impression based on photos of an unrestored unit that last it's paint many, many years ago. Photos of it surfaced on the internet nearly five years ago when it was featured in Hemmings and sold to someone planning to restore it to it's original luster. The Chevrolet unit is based on a photo of a "house car" built for Mae West to use on movie lots. The GMC Motor Home, since I've done so many, is featured in another area of this site as well as one illustration below. Others you'll find here have their own histories and are classics in their own way. Look under GMC. Diesel coaches are posted under the Diesel tab.

Illustrations of vintage motorhomes manufactured in the USA

Studebaker Pass Angle

Mae West Chevy Housecar

Revcon 1970

Cortez 71 rev

1971 Travco

GMC 1978 Palm Beach

Airstream 345 Wood