Information for Working Campers @ KOA

This page contains information that may be of use to individuals and couples interested in work camping at KOA (Kampgrounds of America). The information provided here is an outgrowth of the Facebook group, Working Campers @ KOA Discussion Group. The group was begun in June of 2018 as a service to others engaged in seasonal work at KOA locations across the USA and Canada. In no way is this page officially related to or maintained by KOA (the corporation) nor is it endorsed by that entity.

Work at KOA

KOA maintains a secure website where members of Work at KOA may provide resumés that can be seen by managers/owners of individual campgrounds. Likewise, managers/owners may post openings at campgrounds to which those in the program for KOA Work Kampers may make application. Typically, jobs posted will be for couples. However, some positions are also available for singles. Positions are more widely available during the summer camping season than during the winter months.

Job openings may include the following:
  • Registration/Store (greeting guests, answering calls, selling merchandise, providing information)
  • Maintenance (includes escorting guests to campsite, assistance with other needs, and upkeep of grounds),
  • and Housekeeping (cleaning of cabins and restrooms/bath houses).
Hours worked vary. Typically, however, jobs are based on 40 hours per week with all hours paid. Campgrounds do provide a site for workers in which to park their RV for the season. There is no universally accepted or set fee that is recognized across the system.

All KOAs in the USA and Canada are open during the summer camping season (the middle of May through early September, at a minimum). Locations across the southern part of the USA will, in general, be open year-round. In addition, select locations do operate year-round where the campground’s water supply and infrastructure can accommodate freezing temperatures. Workers, of course, are needed when the campground is open. Some positions run for one season while other may require an engagement of a full year. In the event of a change in personnel, campgrounds will advertise for vacancies that occur. Most often, these openings are only to complete the existing season.

For further information regarding the experience of working at KOA either seasonally or full-time, please join the KOA Work Kamper program at
Work at KOA. There is a fee for annual membership. After completing the first engagement, couples and individuals may receive travel vouchers which can be used for overnight camping at a KOA when going to a new engagement. The number of vouchers is dependent on the distance to be traveled. Do be aware that vouchers may not be accepted at some locations.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group referenced above is
open to membership to those who:
  • are enrolled with the KOA Work Kamper program (dues paid),
  • are serious about being working campers at a KOA, and
  • are not currently engaged in a managerial/ownership position.
Other restrictions apply and the membership challenge (three questions) must be completed prior to consideration for acceptance. Failure to complete the questions within two weeks of initial request via Facebook will result in denial of group membership.

The group is for those currently engaged in the process of being a KOA Work Kamper. It is not for those with an initial interest or for those seeking entry-level information. That information may be gleaned in other ways and from other web sites if not from the information stated the section above.

Members may
download/view the Working Campers Personal Opinion list. Please note that it is a compilation of submissions by members of the Facebook group. Submissions are based on personal conclusions of the experiences of KOA Work Kampers at a variety of locations. Also, be aware that the experiences of others may be different from that of others and that management situations may change over time. The list is provided as a guide to other members of the Facebook group and is to be treated in an appropriate and confidential manner.